4 weeks 3 days


Name Jessie

DOB September 16, 2021

Mom's Weight 75lbs

Dad's Weight 8lbs

Available November 18

Wean Date November 16

Variety Mini F1

About Jessie

Meet Jessie! This beautiful girl is ready and excited to be the newest member of your family. What a little bundle of energy she is, full of playfullness and adventure. She's ready for cuddles and kisses and can't wait to see the world! Jessie is a F1 Mini Bernedoodle.

What is an F1 Mini Bernedoodle?

An F1 Mini Boldendoodle is 50% Poodle and 50% Bernese Mountain Dog. This is the very first generation of Mini Boldendoodle that is bred between a 100% Bernese Mountain Dog and a 100% Miniature Poodle.

She is up to date on her vaccinations and pre-spoiled before coming to your home. Don’t miss out on this great puppy. She can’t wait to come home to your family!

Need puppy guidance?

(319) 343-8311
A Bernedoodle, being the hybrid of a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog, inherits qualities from both breeds. From their playful parents comes an intelligence that makes them easily trainable while they maintain their goofy nature alongside patience to spend time with family members. This combination is what has made this breed so successful in becoming one of America's most popular companion dogs for children as well as adults alike! Read More ...
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5 Year Health Warranty

Our services continue well beyond the day you meet your puppy. We're puppy lovers too and offer services that keep your pet safe. We want to make sure your puppy is good to you. Our comprehensive 5 Year Health Warranty is unmatched and our competitors can't compete. We stand behind our professional care, our family-owned ranch, and the care we provide to each puppy. 

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Puppies are not just dogs, they’re family.

Lucky Puppy is family owned and operated in West Point, Iowa. With 20 years of experience, we have taken great pride in safely delivering our puppies to families all across the United States; may that be California, Arizona, Florida, New York or your neighborhood.

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