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  • Family puppy.

    My kids and I have allergies so we insisted on getting a hypoallergenic dog. I came across Harry now named Rex and couldn't imagine searching any further. He's gentle, calm, and great with kids. I was hesitant purchasing only because he's all the way in Iowa. Nate and the transporters that delivered to me on Southern California let call or text whenever. It was a pleasure. 🐕💓

    Ashley Nunya

  • Bundle of Joy

    We really highly recommend this breeder. Nate, is one of the owners was very helpful and he explains everything we need. Our new family member named Arlo is very fluffy , soft , cute and playful.

    Panganiban family

  • The Best Decision!

    The moment I saw Nina (originally named Joy) on the website, I knew I had to have her. She is the most wonderful puppy and working with Nate was easy and was so helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Lucky Puppy! We are so happy and Nina is the sweetest dog and everyone that has met her has fallen in love with her.

    The Repko Family

  • Adorable Beauty

    This is Sadie who is now 6 months old and weighs 12 pounds. I was apprehensive about buying a puppy online but the staff at Lucky Puppy was excellent to work with and great at communicating information about our puppy and answering all our questions. I was also impressed with how simple and efficient the delivery process was.

    Sadie's New Home

  • 2 is better than 1!

    Leo and Simba are the best puppies in the world! Thank you lucky puppy for making us the happiest, and for helping find the perfect puppies for our home!

    The Pflueger's

  • Could not be happier.

    We could not be happier with our puppy Ranger! We found Lucky Puppy after looking for months at breeders and other pet stores around the east coast. We live in Connecticut. We worked with Nate and he could not have been more helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Our vet was so impressed with the thoroughness of the care these dogs received up until we received them. I have highly recommended Lucky Puppy to anyone looking for a puppy! Ranger enjoys running around our backyard and is looking forward to taking walks once he’s received all of his vaccinations. He loves spending weekly play dates with his brother, Roger (Ryan) who found his home with my parents.

    Brian O'Neill - CT

  • Thank you for my Angel!

    From the moment I found Lucky Puppy, I've been so impressed and taken aback by how enjoyable and easy they've made the experience of adopting a puppy. Unlike most breeders, Nate and his team were (and still are) always available and happy to answer questions. They helped me figure out the flight, my hotel stay, and even met me closer to the hotel to make my trip easier. As for my puppy Sampson, after having raised 2 other puppies, I can say that this experience has been nothing like I'd imagined it would be. I attribute that to how well he must've been taken care of and bonded in his first 8 weeks. Sampson came 80% potty trained. He didn't have a single accident in the hotel, the airport, or the two plane rides back to California. He didn't cry once in the airplane, and when passengers saw him at the end, they were shocked that he was under the seat the whole time because he was so quiet. He also was perfect in his crate from the first night-- and he has never woken me up even once at night. By the time he was 10 weeks old, he could sit, stay, lay down, shake, and solve all the most advanced puzzle toys, which are made for adult dogs. And his best quality is how social and outgoing he is (which also has to do with his early socialization at Lucky Puppy). He loves all people, babies, big dogs, and little dogs, and is the center of attention at the dog park. Most puppy parents think at least once, "this is harder than I thought it would be." As a busy medical student, I expected to think that all the time. But instead, I have only ever thought "I cannot believe that a puppy this perfect exists". If I ever get another puppy, I know that I'll be going to Lucky Puppy. Thank you for my angel Sampson!

    Neda - Los Angeles, Ca

  • Drax is now everyone’s favorite!

    I have “Drax” a.k.a Jacob for almost 3 weeks now. He’s the sweetest and intelligent dog I’ve ever had. He get’s along very well with my other dog and my whole family loves him a lot. He knows the basic commands very well now, potty trained, leash trained, and has excellent temperament. He enjoys going to petsmart, petco, home depot and dog parks. He’s truly a joy to us.

    Lopez Family from Houston, Texas

  • In love.

    Lucky Puppy made the process of getting a new puppy seamless! The owner was accommodating and so helpful in getting us everything we needed. Not to mention the convenience of having our little pup delivered all the way from Iowa to the East Coast. We highly recommend Lucky Puppy to anyone looking to bring a new pup into their home. Our Stanley is healthy, happy, and we’re so in love!

    S. Gentry - Stamford, CT

  • He is the best!

    Luke is the name we gave our puppy and he is the best!! Honestly it was the best decision we made for our family!! My oldest had a extreme fear of dogs before bringing Luke home. She has now been able to be relaxed while outside and other dogs are being walked, she goes to puppy class and has been able to go to friends houses she would never go to before because they had a dog. Luke is potty trained and has slept through the night since day 1! He is so chill and loves getting his belly rubbed and taking naps. We just finished our first 6 weeks of puppy school and he is so smart! We recommend Lucky Puppy to everyone that asks where we got him from. Nate was amazing from start to finish and I asked some crazy questions 🤣 First time puppy mom.

    The Nawrocki's

  • Great Decision!

    Sadie is now called Biscuit and she’s doing really well. She’s full of life and energy and she’s super friendly. We were really happy with the service from Lucky Puppy.

    Alan G. - IL

  • A Beautiful Addition to Our Trio!

    Gunner has been an amazing addition to our family! We are grateful for the smooth adoption process. He has taken to commands, potty trained in a flash and shows such devotion to our family. He even likes to go for swimming 'laps'! We can't picture life without him.

    The Nicolosi Family